10 Cards 1 Kit

10 Cards 1 Kit | Unity Stamp Co February 2017 | Unexpected Places


Here is  my final 10 cards 1 kit with Unity Stamp Co. KOM.  This by far was my favorite kit out of the 3 I received.  The card ideas came easily and they fit more my style.  I love clean and simple cards and I think many of these fit that description.

If you would like to check out the process video of me making these 10 cards, click here.




2 thoughts on “10 Cards 1 Kit | Unity Stamp Co February 2017 | Unexpected Places”

  1. Your cards made with “Angie Girls” stamps intrigued me enough to search out Unity Stamp Company. I’m glad you made cards from these stamps as they are wonderful stamps and fabulous company. I would hate to see you discontinue making cards from them. I would also like to say, I’ve only been making cards for a few months, very late in life. Many of my friends are becoming great grandparents 😉


    1. Oh Unity is wonderful. I will continue to be a customer and make cards with their stamps, just won’t be doing the kits. 🙂


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