I have 3 giveaways going on right now!!  For all the details follow the links below.  The giveaways are on my YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram.




You can enter all 3 !  For all the rules, check out the links.  All three giveaways are only open to US residents.  More giveaways will follow and be open internationally.

2 thoughts on “Giveaways!”

  1. My favorite holiday tradition has been for the whole family to get together to put up the tree on the first Saturday of December. While we’re decorating we sing Christmas carols and just enjoy each other’s company. Afterwards we bake cookies for Santa with the children and of course we have to make some for us to nibble on as I recite The Night Before Christmas…oh and of course we must have hot chocolate with loads of mini marshmallows!


  2. Hi my Christmas tradition is to celebrate Three Kings Day & cook for the family all our Puertoriquen food which my mom cant make anymore doesn’t end until January 6. I love Christmas season it takes me back to my childhood.


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